About RMBI

The Rocky Mountain Brainspotting Institute (RMBI) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that was created to promote and advance the use of Brainspotting, an emerging new treatment in psychotherapy. We are a professional association of psychotherapists who use Brainspotting in our practices.

Our Mission:

  • To Support and Enhance the Psychological and Physical Health and Well Being of the Community at the Highest Level
  • To Deepen and Expand the Potential of Brainspotting with  Other Healing Modalities.
  • To be a Leader in providing education and information regarding the field of Brainspotting and in coordinating trainings and workshops for members and the public.
  • To uphold Ethical Standards.
  • To perform Outreach Services


Thank you for your interest in a financial donation to RMBI. Your gift will help with RMBI’s overall functioning including the development and delivery of our Treatment Fund Program, offering Brainspotting to those unable to afford it.

RMBI Board of Directors

  • Pie Frey, Psy.D.

    Pie received Phase One Brainspotting training in 2006 and Phase Two and the five day Intensive in 2007. She has been assisting Dr. David Grand, the founder of Brainspotting, in all levels of his trainings since 2008. Dr. Frey is the Senior US and Canadian Trainer for Phase One and Phase Two Brainspotting trainings. She has been facilitating Brainspotting trainings since 2009. She is the President and founder of the Rocky Mountain Brainspotting Institute, a non-profit organization that promotes Brainspotting (BSP) and developing scholarship programs for those who want BSP Therapy and can’t afford it. Dr. Frey is trained in EMDR I and II, Sand Tray Therapy, Play Therapy and Clinical Hypnosis. Dr. Frey started a private practice in Boulder, Colorado since 1982 and does group and individual consultations. www.drpiefrey.com

  • Serene René Calkins, P.T.

    Serene is a Physical Therapist and owner of Art and Science Physical Therapy and Fitness in Fort Collins, Colorado. With over 35 years of experience she treats patients who have chronically involved medical histories such as; failed surgeries, chronic headaches, fibromyalgia, migraines and multiple diagnoses. She utilizes classic Manual Therapy techniques plus CranioSacral Therapy, Pilates Rehabilitation and Neuromuscular Re-education. However, adding Brainspotting in 2016, she has significantly furthered her full-person approach to helping her patients. https://artandsciencept-fit.com/

  • Thad Frye, LCSW

    Thad is the owner of Thad Frye Counseling in Boulder County and has been in the counseling field for over 16 years. He earned his BA in Psychology with a minor in Religious Studies from the University of Colorado at Boulder and earned his Masters of Science in Social Work from the University of Texas at Austin. He is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, certified Brainspotting practitioner and has completed Phase 1 and 2, the Master Class and the Intensive with Dr. Pie Frey. Thad is passionate about the healing power of Brainspotting and utilizes it with people grieving the loss of a loved one, as well as, artists, musicians and athletes who want to further their creativity and performance. https://www.thadfryecounseling.com/

  • Jessica Kilka, M.A., LPC

    Jessica is the owner of Hope Over Hurt Counseling, LLC and currently works for Cornerstone Christian Counseling as a Counselor and their on-site supervisor for practicum/internship students.  She specializes in working with children, individuals with trauma, couples, and divorce/blended family counseling.  She earned her BA in Social Studies and her Secondary Education License from the Metropolitan University of Denver and earned her Masters degree in Professional Counseling from Liberty University.  Jessica is a Certified Synergetic Play Therapist, EMDR therapist and has completed Phases 1, 2, 3, 4, Masters Class, and Intensive in Brainspotting.  Jessica is thrilled to be part of RMBI’s board and supporting the continued advancement of Brainspotting throughout the region.

  • Sandy Della Ripa

    Sandy is a former senior insurance investigator with 28 years experience in a Fortune 500 company. After leaving the corporate world, she spent three years with a Denver nonprofit, researching, writing, and submitting grants, as well as providing administrative support to their mission. As a recently elected board member, she is excited to be part of the RMBI mission to enhance the psychological and physical well being of the community. A Colorado native with a BS in Paralegal Studies, Sandy recently relocated to the charming town of Loveland, Colorado.


  • Susan Kramer
    Administrative Coordinator

    Susan brings 15 years of nonprofit administration experience to RMBI, following 8 years as Executive Director of Ovation West Performing Arts. In addition to supporting the Board of Directors, Susan manages RMBI’s communications, programs and membership directory. She also works as a consultant to other Colorado nonprofits, including Resilience 1220, an organization which provides free counseling to young people in the Evergreen area. Susan lives in Evergreen with her husband and enjoys yoga, hiking, and cooking.

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The Rocky Mountain Brainspotting Institute (RMBI) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that was created to promote and advance the use of Brainspotting, an emerging new treatment in psychotherapy.

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