Thank you for your interest in RMBI’s Scholarship Treatment Fund. The goal of the program is to help provide Brainspotting therapy free of charge to clients of limited financial means.

RMBI will refer clients who qualify to a therapist trained in Brainspotting and cover the costs of a course of 3-10 sessions. The actual number of sessions covered will be determined in consultation with the therapist and will depend on the nature and severity of the client’s issue.

Clients will be asked to identify one trauma that they would like to focus on during the treatment. Please note that if clients wish to continue working with the therapist beyond the initial course of treatment, they are responsible for covering associated costs. RMBI will not be able to fund the same client more than once through this program.

The Scholarship Treatment Fund is meant to be the only option for individuals. Thus, we have strict restrictions on income level and insurance coverage. The applicant’s income must be at or below the poverty levels as set forth by the IRS and must have no insurance coverage.

Potential clients interested in participating in the Scholarship Treatment FundĀ are asked to fill in the application form below and either email it to or mail it to RMBI / 100 Arapahoe Ave. #7 / Boulder, CO 80302. If you qualify, we will contact you to match you with a therapist.

Click here for the Scholarship Treatment Fund Application

Disclaimer: RMBI does not provide therapy itself, and RMBI does not endorse, guarantee, or warrant the credentials, work, abilities or opinions of any individual therapist participating in the program. RMBI does not provide any assurances or warranties regarding the outcome of treatment provided through this program. In no event shall RMBI be liable to pilot clients, participating therapists, or anyone else as a result of this program.

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The Rocky Mountain Brainspotting Institute (RMBI) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that was created to promote and advance the use of Brainspotting, an emerging new treatment in psychotherapy.

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