RMBI hosts brown bag lunch seminars on Fridays throughout the year. These events offer a small glimpse into the practice, its benefits and many uses. They are FREE for RMBI members and $25 to others. Due to restrictions around COVID-19, we are currently unable to host in-person events. Below is information on a brown bag seminar from 2019.

Systemic Approach to Healing Chronic Illness and Pain with Brainspotting and Family Constellation

with Nancy Tung, RN & Cori Woodland, MA, LPC, LAC


Please email admin@rockymountainbrainspottinginstitute.com if you would like to view the recording of this webinar. Free for RMBI members. $25 for non-members

Synopsis: Helping people heal from chronic illnesses and pain requires a multidisciplinary approach. The symptoms often have roots in childhood, intra-uterine and/or inherited family traumas. Participants will discover that invisible entanglement of family dynamics are usually associated with trauma either from this generation or prior and can be the root cause of many chronic illnesses and pain.

We will delve into one of the most common invisible family dynamics: entanglement of the “Order of Love” in the family system.

Nancy will provide some background knowledge of how the integration of Brainspotting and Family Constellation work so well together.

Topics of exploration:
1. How the “Order of Love” in the family system affects health?
2. What is the truth behind chronic health condition and chronic pain- from systemic and brain perspective?
3. How and what to make the most of your heritage in order to stay healthy and abundant?
4. Helpful Techniques:
5. How to detect possible entanglement in the family system?
6. How to set up progressively targeted frames?
7. How to choose your BSP model, resource or activation, rolling or fixed, single or double spotting etc
8. When to follow the client’s comet and when to facilitate using Family Constellation’s healing sentences?

This presentation was interactive and experiential. Nancy presented via webcast from her office in Washington. Cori and RMBI hosted the conversation in person at the HUH Institute in Denver.

About Nancy Tung RN: 

Nancy is a Systemic Wellness Coach with over 40 years of experience in allopathic, naturopathic, and bio-energy medicine. She is a Certified International Brainspotting trainer as well as a Medical and Family Systems Constellation Facilitator. She helps people shift from being a victim of health circumstances to becoming an empowered participant of wellness through her signature coaching program “Life by YOUR Design”! She is a lifelong learner and spiritual explorer, loves her profession and also enjoys Taichi, Qigong, ballroom dancing, and Brainspotting meditation indoors or outdoors!

About Cori Woodland, MA, LPC, LAC: 

Cori is the founder of Beyond Words Integrative Wellness, LLC in Denver, CO. She has a graduate degree in transpersonal counseling psychology and nearly 10 years of post-graduate training and experience focused on interdisciplinary approaches to trauma, oppression, addiction, mood, chronic pain, chronic illness, chronic stress, body-mind integration, performance expansion, heath optimization, and spirituality. She utilizes her interdisciplinary approaches to provide integrative therapy, wellness mentorship, and clinical consultation. Cori loves supporting clients in a process of awakening and vitality through Brainspotting and other interdisciplinary body-mind approaches.



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