Have you ever wondered what the heck David Grand was talking about when he referred to the “Uncertainty Principle” in the level one training?! Here’s an excellent read by trainer, Christine Ranck, on the concept, including how it applies to us psychotherapists. Enjoy!  ~ Melanie Young


By Christine Ranck, PhD, LCSW


We are used to looking at the world in a simple way…believing that something is there, or it is not there, whether we are looking at it or not.  All our experience tells us that the physical world is solid, real, and completely independent of us.  To observe the world “objectively” means to see it as it would appear to an observer who has no prejudices about what s/he observes.

But the new science, Quantum Physics, says that this is simply not accurate; that it is not possible to observe reality without changing it; that we can never eliminate ourselves from the picture.

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